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We all have big dreams in our life. But we all also have small problems in our life. But these unsolved problems make our life very complex. We don't find the way to come out from this situation. Surprisingly, these small problems have very small solutions. But most of us don't know how to start, from where to start.   We want to be successful in our life. We want to earn name, fame. We want to prosper in our life. We want to make our life happier. We want our future secure. But how? - Here is the answer. You can make your life better, you can accelerate your life, you can feel the hidden powers and strength within you, you can explore the path to transformation through our Personal Sessions on life skills. How this is... READ MORE
Studying and EXAM SKILLS are two different things. And you have to focus equally on both, if you really want to perform best in exams. Try to Follow these and you will definitely find more than 10% improvement. (if you are scoring below 90%) REASON: Why this happens Habit: The very first thing, We have only 20–30 exam days out of 365 days. What if we have 300+ exams days in a year. It will develop a habit in your mind. Then, exams will not be any burden for you. And you will stop feeling uncomfortable on exam days. Other Reasons may be Lack of Practice, Lack of Strategy,   SOLUTION: How to perform better in Exams Take Self Test: To develop a habit, take a self-test EVERY DAY. When you study, ... READ MORE
 If you want to sharpen your brain try some of these which you find useful and interesting for you at least one month and then see the results. After seeing positive result continue one year you will completely different person. Your confidence will improve, you will be able to talk very impressive and effectively, your memory, concentration and speed will also surprise you. You will be happier in your life, you will have satisfaction, you will spread positivity and happiness among people around you. In short, you will fall in love with yourself …… Once Again.Play brain/ mind gamesPlay sudoku, chessSolve Aptitude and improve Mathematical and logical thinkingLearn memory improvement techniquesImprove your concentrationRead good... READ MORE
In one word- Passive Reading is mugging up and "Active Reading" is concept learning.Don't associate presentation and concepts learning. Even i know the concepts but may not deliver the presentation effectively. To deliver a presentation you have to do practice, you have to be confident, you have to be well prepared, you have to rehearse the presentation very well, all contents, speech audio, video, slides should be well prepared logically organised, you have to be prepared for Q n A, Yes concepts and knowledge should be very sound. So concept learning is also one of the contributing part but not the only part.Try to assimilate and feel what you read.There are four Levels of Learning:ReadPractice & UnderstandFeel and... READ MORE
Some very smart, easy, effective and practical Time Management Tips:You need to manage both Time and Energy. Here i am giving some tips that can help you in both to save time and energy.[1] Study Early Morning: If it is possible to study for 1 or 2 hours in the morning. Keep books and notes near your bed. As you wake up start studying do nothing, think nothing. After waking up early, our mind works best up to 2-3 hours. All connections with outer world are disconnected and flow of thoughts are almost nil. So if you can utilise this time then one hour study at this time is equal to 3 hours study of rest of the day time.[2] Mental Recall while doing non-productive work: We can utilise the time... READ MORE

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