Best diet to boost brain power & focus on study

What are good eating habits if I need to study all day?

To study for Long Hours Eating Habits is very important to maintain your Energy, Concentration, Motivation, and Interest without losing your efficiency and productivity. This may be very helpful to you, I have followed this and it positively worked for me.


In every hour or when you feel have some WATER, water gives energy and coolness. [Also Stretch your Body. Take a Deep Breath. Relax your eyes. Relax your neck every hour.]


Don't eat too much at one go instead consume all your proper diet in 6-7 meals. If you need to take the light meal or fruits or milk as per body your requirement.

Avoid these: oily foods, junk food, fast foods, and other eatables with zero nutritional value like cold drink chips chocolate ice cream.......

In this way, we take more calories than what we need. To digest all these food we need more energy (yes food give energy and also consume energy. 

Digestion process requires oxygen. And our mind also needs a proper supply of oxygen. (Oxygen in blood circulation and not environmental oxygen). So when we consume a lot of calories oxygen supply to mind become weak and we start feeling sleepy.

Some Foods to boost memory and concentration (Vegetarian):

Take more nutritional and protein diet. Milk soybean, cereals, dry fruits, vegetable fruits.

VITAMIN C: Vitamin C is very important for healthy brain, concentration, and energy. It is a mood freshener, Increases Intelligence & Neurotransmitter Production [Brain Vitamins: Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Brain]

Vitamin C Nutritional Information

Fruit Sources:

Black Currants *Breadfruit *Grapefruit *Guava *Kiwi *Lychee *Mango *Mulberries*Orange *Papaya *Passion Fruit *Pineapple *Strawberries

Vegetable Sources:

Amaranth Leaves *Bok Choy *Broccoli *Brussels Sprouts *Butternut Squash
Green Pepper *Kale *Swiss Chard

Nut/Grain Sources:


Protein Sources:
Goat Milk *Soy Beans *Low fat yogurt

Vitamin E Nutritional Information It is also very important.

Nut/Grain Sources:

Almonds *Filberts/Hazelnuts *Pine Nuts/Pignolias *Sunflower Seeds

Fruit Sources:

Avocado *Blackberries *Black Currants *Blueberries *Boysenberries *Breadfruit
Cranberries *Guava *Kiwi *Loganberries*Mango *Mulberries *Nectarine
Papaya *Peach *Pomegranate *Raspberries

Vegetable Sources:

Butternut Squash *Parsnip *Potatoes *Pumpkin *Spirulina *Swiss Chard

Legume Sources:

Edamame *Pinto Beans

Other important Foods

*Spinach * Bananas * Beets * Green Tea * Oatmeal * Source [Brain Vitamins: Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Brain]

Walnuts * Turmeric * Rosemary * Green, Leafy Vegetables *

Extra Virgin Olive Oil * Coconut Oil * Celery * Broccoli

Source above: 15 Brain Foods To Boost Focus and Memory - Dr Axe

Save Body energy as much as you can: Try to sit in a very comfortable position. If you don't feel sleepy in bed, then sometimes you may read with lay down in bed.

please give feedback. If it works for you or doesn't work. What problem you faced in applying this!