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Better Life in 30 days

We all have big dreams in our life. But we all also have small problems in our life. But these unsolved problems make our life very complex. We don't find the way to come out from this situation. Surprisingly, these small problems have very small solutions. But most of us don't know how to start, from where to start. 

 We want to be successful in our life. We want to earn name, fame. We want to prosper in our life. We want to make our life happier. We want our future secure.

But how? - Here is the answer.

You can make your life better, you can accelerate your life, you can feel the hidden powers and strength within you, you can explore the path to transformation through our Personal Sessions on life skills.

How this is different:

There are so many books, videos, courses available to motivate and make change life completely. But these don't seem effective many times. Because every person is different. He may have some unique problems, doubts. General ideas may not work in this situation. So there is a need for Personal Assistance to solve your unique problems

How it works:

We facilitate for live and personal discussion. You can talk with us for 5-10 minutes. Daily you can share one problem. We will provide you with some ideas. On the next day, we will talk about effectiveness and positive improvements, we will give some more ideas to improve. After solving the first problem we will work on the next one and will work in the same way almost for 30 days. In these sessions, you will not only Learn and but also Practise very well with some Life-changing ideas like- Acceptance, Balance in life, the Ultimate source of Energy and Happiness, Positivity and Problem Solving Attitude.

Why 30 days:

We find, 30 days are enough to Train your Brain, for Interest Development, Make or Break Habits, Confidence Building, Positive Thinking, Self-Control, Self-Observation, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving Attitude, Decision Making. After 30 days you can take your own decisions and continue for rest of the life. After 30 days you can spread the positivity, energy and strength people around you. You can make your life better and happier. You can give a reason to smile others. You can make your life meaningful. You can make your life beautiful. You can make your life easier. You can better assist the society and the nation. You can help to make this world a better place to live.

What ensure the Success of this course:

 If you work honestly you definitely can improve in 30 days. But the first step is you should have a complete faith that it will work for you.

Next, you should be very honest with yourself. One thing always keeps in your mind- this is going to change your life. You will get lifetime benefit from the positive results of this course. So always keep honesty. Do your best. Do your best ever efforts. Leave no stone unturned.


Consistency is the most important for this challenge. So at any cost, you have to maintain consistency. Start with slow and small magnitude. [/size][size= medium]You have to bring one change every day in your routine, in your habits. And keep your continuity. After 30 days, you will be able to take your decision very comfortably. You will do what is right for you and avoid which can obstruct your progress.

What is 30 day's challenge:

In 30 days you can win your self-confidence "Yes I can Do" I am not less than anybody else. I can do anything. I can achieve anything in my life. If i become honest with myself. I become serious with my efforts. If I become disciplined. If i start enjoying what i do. If i start Loving what i do. I can achieve anything with my smart and balanced hard work.

Interest can be developed:

It is said " Do what you Love, Love what you Do" So idea is we can develop our interest in anything. If we spend some time every day in that area. And in 30 days you can feel the interest in your desired area.

Make or Break habits:

You can make or break habits. You should leave harmful and unuseful habits and develop good and useful habits that can help you to achieve your dreams.... To achieve success ... What you want ... To live a meaningful life.

Emotion Management:

Emotions and feelings have extreme power like atomic energy. It can be destructive or constructive. It depends on how you use. Unmanaged emotions can overpower your rational and logical thinking.

Leave Anger, Ego, jealousy, hate and bitterness and other negative feelings:

There is no use of all these in your life. The best they can do, drain all your positive energy and improve negativity.


At many places, it also plays a very important role. To recover from an accident or bad experience. So sometimes it is better to accept things as they are and to move ahead if it is not in your control at all.

Life is beautiful:

This life is a Gift of God. We all are mortal. So there is absolutely no harm in Love, Peace, and harmony. Nothing is eternal here. Everything will die with your death. So there is no use in nurturing and cultivating negative feelings and bad habits. Make this life dedicated increasing humanity, love, honesty, comfort.... To make this world a better place to live. This is the best thing you can do.


Newton's first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. This scientific rule is very well applicable to our daily life.

We find ourself puzzled in some situation because we don't find the way to come out. We don't know how to start, from where to start. In 30 days it will bring a momentum. And after 30 days you can accelerate even investing fewer efforts

Daily routine:

Manage your daily routine very well. If your daily routine is well managed. You can manage your time very well. You can plan many things, you can predict many things, Your concentration, your interest will improve and it will bring success and happiness in your life.

Time managed:

Everyone knows what is the importance of time management. We all have equal time 24 H in a day. But some are very successful in their life and most of us are not. The answer is time management. What is time management?

Do your work on time. Improve your skills and do your work in less time. Use spare time in productive things. You should have planned like how 10 min, or 5 min or 2 min can be best utilised.

Work against your will:

If you want self-control then this is very important. If you want you to do the same thing what you want or what is desired to achieve your dreams. Then you have to work against your will. At the start, your unwillingness will work against you. It will attract you in the wrong direction. But if you start working against all these inner confusions these powers will become less powerful. And after 30 days these can knock your door but will not hit you very hard.

Balance in life:

We make balance in our life at many places. We use substitution for other things. I am just giving you an idea so you can this where you are not applying. Like in accidents compensation is given to injured or demised family. We know incident can not roll back. The same logic can be applied in our life at many places. If you failed in any work. Get bigger success next time. If you are feeling not well. Enjoy with your friends and family. If you lost one friend make two new friends. So always try to balance your feelings, problems using better substitution. Life must go on.

The ultimate source of Energy:

The whole universe needs power and energy. Earth, moon, machines, humans. We have many dreams in our life. We want to be successful in our life. But most of us feel energy-less. We don't have the motivation to work. What is the ultimate source of energy for humans? Goodness, humanity, love, to think selflessly about success and wellness of others. Do some help to the needy person. Give some people a reason to smile. Help others to achieve their dreams. Solve their problems. Or listen to their feelings and heart this is pretty easy one.

Believe me, it will give you immense inner strengths, energy power, happiness, satisfaction.

The second method to gain energy is Give yourself small challenges, complete these. This small achievement will improve your confidence and give you energy.

The third source of energy is your hobbies, sports, etc. Spend some time with your hobbies. You will feel great satisfaction and it will boost your energy.

The fourth source of energy Your parents, teachers, good friends, relatives and social contacts. Try to be close to persons who are very positive, full of energy, want to live life fullest, want to be successful, want to achieve more and more in their life. These people will defiantly motivate you to work hard and achieve your dreams. To be successful is the biggest happiness.

Life in extreme conditions:

If any person has lived in scarcity, faced extreme conditions in his/her life then these can motivate to work hard and change his life.

Improve your skills:

Make a long-term plan to work on your skills. There are so many areas where you can find a scope of improvement. So take one at a time and try to improve. In a year you will find yourself completely a different person. These skills are

  • Communication skills
  • Language skills
  • General Awareness
  • Problem-solving Attitude
  • Logical thinking
  • Writing skills
  • Concentration power
  • Memory Power
  • Speed and accuracy in any work
  • How to face adverse situation efficiently
  • Art of Convincing
  • Balance in work and family
  • Relationships Management (Professional, Personal, Social, Family)
  • Public Speaking
  • Personality Development
  • Decision Making
  • Emotion Management
  • Thought Management
  • Time Management
  • Art of Expression and Influence


There is a very close relationship among Body, Mind, Mood, Man. And all 3 are affected by our food and eating habits. And all 3 are affected by our food and eating habits. Food can affect your Health, Activeness, Energy level, Concentration, Sleep, willingness, and easiness. So your eating habits and your health play a very and easiness.

So your eating habits and your health play a very important role in work efficiency, skills, concentration, success, happiness.

So care about your health and wellness

Evaluate your eating habits and learn what to eat and how much to eat, when to eat. Lack of energy also when to eat.

Lack of energy also induces a lack of interest and lack of concentration. So try your best to keep maintain your energy level as per your work and need of your body.


Now Take 30 days Life changing challenge. In just 30 days you can change your life completely. JOIN NOW