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How to change life completely in one year
  • Everything can be changed or improved, if we try and do practice.
How to motivate to become smarter


“Once forget all that is happening with you and think WHAT CAN YOU DO”

Best diet to boost brain power & focus on study

What are good eating habits if I need to study all day?

How to better understand and analyse question

There are Three things that develop our understanding of any question.

How to study smarter and retain more information

Follow these very simple but effective steps to retain more at the first reading.


How to Focus on One Goal at a Time?

Time management:

How to overcome Fear of Public Speaking?

There is only and only one way that is Face the Fear.

How to make a habit of early rising

Drink 2-3 glass water before going to sleep and you have to wake up around 4-5 am

How to sleep less than 6 hours a day?

To control sleep is very very easy.
It works for me and I made it possible to
work for others also. ...And it will work for you
also in the same way.