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How to concentrate on study with job?

Job + Study = Challenging Life but Better Career and Future.

So this is a great opportunity for you. There is a lot to learn. It can make your life very disciplined. You can develop many skills and positive habits to lead a successful and self-satisfying life in future.

How to stop mind chatter?

Actions Speak Louder than Words:

How to write Faster with Pen?

If it really matters to you then try these: 

How to memorise important Dates & Numbers

Best and simplest is to revise and recall again and again. But somewhere you may be confused. For this, you can use some tricks.

How to remember the long answers?

How to remember long answers:

How to develop interest in theory subjects?
  • Go to library or bookshop and have multiple books for every subject. And if possible read one book of foreign author* (later explained)
How can I remember science formulas?
  • First thing, use and write formulae each time you solve the question.
  • Recall and visualise formulae frequently.
How to prevent gadget addiction?

Our mind diverts from low to higher interest. If we train our mind it can change our lives. Otherwise, we have to face this problem again and again.

How to overcome distractions?

“Distraction is Attraction towards Ephemeral Pleasures which generates a sense of guilt for longer in most of the persons.”

How to stop procrastinating?

[Break the Habit