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How to become Topper?

Discipline, Positive Attitude, Consistency, Seriousness, Willpower, Self-motivation, problem-solving attitude can turn any average or even below average into TOPPER.

How to develop habit of studying?

If you want to concentrate on your study as well as want to develop a habit of regular studying then very simple the first thing start studying with any of your subject of interest. No other thing can better help you than this.

Long Hours Study

How can I make it a habit to study 18 hours a day?

Time Management

Some very smart, easy, effective and practical Time Management Tips:

How to develop habit of Active Reading

In one word- Passive Reading is mugging up and "Active Reading" is concept learning.

Exam Tips

Studying and EXAM SKILLS are two different things. And you have to focus equally on both, if you really want to perform best in exams. Try to Follow these and you will definitely find more than 10% improvement. (if you are scoring below 90%)

Better Life in 30 days
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