Exam Tips

Studying and EXAM SKILLS are two different things. And you have to focus equally on both, if you really want to perform best in exams. Try to Follow these and you will definitely find more than 10% improvement. (if you are scoring below 90%)

REASON: Why this happens


The very first thing, We have only 20–30 exam days out of 365 days. What if we have 300+ exams days in a year. It will develop a habit in your mind. Then, exams will not be any burden for you. And you will stop feeling uncomfortable on exam days.

Other Reasons may be Lack of Practice, Lack of Strategy,


SOLUTION: How to perform better in Exams

Take Self Test:

To develop a habit, take a self-test EVERY DAY. When you study, write down some short points or short questions. And at the end of the day, you will have a test paper ready on your study table every day. Then take your self-test. For evaluation purpose, you can take help from your teachers or your friends or you can make a self-evaluation. And after some weeks it will give you even better results.

Don’t Depend on Exam-days study:

Put your best of efforts from the start of your session. And give exams with less pressure and with mental relaxation.

Relaxed mind:

With a relaxed mind, you will commit fewer mistakes. Almost Nill.

Exams days are for Revision:

Last month is only for Revision with very relaxed and calmed mind. But most of us put best efforts only in exam days. It is like “Climbing on an inverted mountain.”


So once you should experience the exams days with the relaxed mind.

Study Management:

  • Understand each and every Concept, Every Chapter, Every subject
  • Do Practice a lot.
  • Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly Revision of course completed.
  • At least 2 revisions after completing full course.
  • If you manage your study very well. If you make notes, and mark Important Questions, Tough Questions, easy question, Data, Places, Names, Formulae etc then you will be able to do one quick revision, then Quicker and one Quickest also.
  • Reduced your notes in such a way that you can easily revise complete course in one month without leaving any important thing. Then again reduce one-month notes into one-week revision Package. And finally, one week into few hours. So that you can revise one particular subject in few hours on the day before the final exam.

Strategy & Game Plan:

You should have strategic plans to face any immediate situation that can occur in an exam. Like

What will you do

  • If some questions are out of course.
  • If you don't know answers to some questions.
  • If question paper is very tough.
  • If you spent more than required time on some questions.
  • If you have carelessly done calculation mistakes or have written the wrong answer.
  • If you are not feeling well in the exam.
  • If unexpected noisy environment distracting you.
  • If you forget any formula, point or complete answer of a well-prepared question.
  • If you have confusion in any question or point.
  • Which question should be first attempted
  • How much time should be allocated on every question?
  • And may be much more….

First, if you are well prepared, you will not face some problems.

Second, if you are mentally prepared for any situation then you can handle

any situation well in no time.

Writing skills: (for descriptive exams)

If you know the Art of Convincing, Art of Presentation then you can write very impressive answers. Your answers will look different in the crowd and can draw the attention of the examiner, to read all the answers spending a little more time.

With practice and creative ideas, everything is possible. With creative Ideas, Influential writing skills you can write answers in give word limits and time limit and Earn Maximum Marks.

Biological Clock:

Take exam at home during the exact same time of the exam. For example, if your exam time is 10 am to 1 pm then take test every day during this time. It will switch on your biological clock of your Body and Mind. This way on the exam day, it will increase Pick up of your Mind. Means your mind can start working at its best level and no need to warm up.

Speed and Accuracy: (for Competitive Exams)

In competitive Exams these matters the most. If you are interested You can know more here-

Friendship with exams & No Fear:

If you take a daily self-test it will develop a habit and it will remove Fear of Exams Forever. You will wait for final exams to prove yourself. To give best of you.

Daily Routine:

If you have a consistent daily routine then you can better enjoy everything, Study, Sports, Social Networking, Friendships, Family, Fun ……


An irregular study like 2 days Too much hard work and then next 3 days to find a beautiful reason to be not able to study. And swings in your Mood, Motivation, Energy, Concentration, Emotions, make your life tougher. You every time start from either zero or lower level of Energy, Concentration, and Understanding.

Compounded Benefits of Regular Study:

With regular study and stable life/routine, you can achieve cumulative benefits. Every Day you will improve your confidence, concentration, energy, understanding and other skills.

Sleep and Energy Management:

If you reduce your total hours of sleeping, like up to 5 to 6 hours, and if you have good stamina and energy level, then you can enjoy your life very well. You can make balance in your study, Friends, Family, and Fun. Even you can spare 20–30 min for productive social networking like QUORA, you can play your favorite video game or you can half an hour of complete rest.

Exams, Problems & Challenges are Part of life:

This is the only way, we learn from experience and we improve in our life. There is nothing Like Last exam …. it can’t be separated. It is part of our life. Life tests our attitude, strengths, skills everyday….. every moment. This is the way we Learn, Live, Like and Love….

So Exams are best friends. Accept this and do friendship with exams. Remove pressure of exams it will improve your performance in exams naturally.

Smart Diet:

With a very balanced and healthy diet, you can manage both Sleep and Energy level for the whole day.

Live in present:

On the study table we think about movie, games, When playing or watching, we think about the study, When we are with family but think about friends, and when we are with friends start thinking about Homework.