How to develop interest in theory subjects?

  • Go to library or bookshop and have multiple books for every subject. And if possible read one book of foreign author* (later explained)
  • At start read very slow, understand each line, each point, each paragraph, each page.
  • And try to understand or relate any point or law with real life. Try to understand the reason behind every time. Every law has a philosophy. Like consumer protection act, or companies Act, Fema or any other. Consumer Act is to protect consumers. Why needed, when needed, when changes made and why. Slowly-slowly develops your understanding and interest for that subject. This way keep expanding your knowledge.
  • Use pencil, eraser, and highlighter. Mark important point, interesting point, surprising point, new point etc..
  • Revise points, again and again, do recall important points, try to visualise, try to feel what you study
  • Write summary when you complete one chapter very well. Write your observations, your new findings, your interest, your likes and dislikes, your suggestions, your solutions …. etc. WHY? … Because if you don’t note after some time slowly-slowly all these ideas will be fade away. And if you write then these two-three pages will become Key to open your hidden ideas and knowledge.
  • Discuss with your friends. If possible teach your friends or other these subjects. When we teach we start using your hidden energies, ideas, knowledge, logic, reasons, observations, and they come out only and only when we teach. When we teach we start thinking a level above what we have
  • Watch youtube videos it will develop your interest and understanding, you will be able to connect with that subject.

Please share your ideas and feedback on above.

The story of one who hated the theory subjects:

I hated theory subjects and was helpless at some point of the time. I use to solve only numerical subjects. I used to think i can’t read, learn, understand, memorise theory subjects. I accepted improving myself in these was impossible for me. And it resulted i got barely pass marks in theory subjects.

Next year I went to library got issued all books available in the library for theory subjects. I went to bookshops and bought some other books that were not available in the library. I had at least 5–6 books for each subject and for one subject more than 10.

I chose one book for each subject to start with. If any point is not clear in that book then i move to all other books and try to find if this point is explained in a better way, in simple language and using better relevant examples. This way for one year i spend my times with books and only books.

I found foreign writers books are very interesting, even they use very simple language to understand, they write real-life examples, and in practical as well as creative way, they explained every important point in very detail with a lot of examples, data, facts. They use so many diagrams, charts, graphs and many many more things. These books are very good looking ( even it is said never judge a book by its cover).

After one year everything was changed for me. Now theory subjects became very easy and interesting for me. I started relating to theory subjects with real life. I found these subjects are nothing but the collection of observation with real-life instances and /or common sense. For example, i feel Management is everywhere in our family, in marriage event, in shops, in our study, in our work, in our life, on our earth, in our universe…..

In exams, I started writing real-life examples, observations, my findings and my understanding in my words rather than bookish language. My all examiners were surprised in school/ college, everywhere.