How to overcome distractions?

“Distraction is Attraction towards Ephemeral Pleasures which generates a sense of guilt for longer in most of the persons.”

It is true we have so many distractions in today’s world. And many of us facing this situation. But this is also true that We have huge sources of Motivation, Inspiration and Positive Energy. So if we want and do some consistent efforts, we can bring Desired and Positive changes in our life. Very easily and it is a matter of just 2–3 weeks and you can change your entire life.

Here i am giving you some very practical and effective ideas to start with.

Bring changes in Instalments:

Slowly-slowly make a distance with distractions. for example, if you are spending 1 hour on net surfing then it is far easier to reduce 5 minutes every day rather than total control. So this way, you can bring any desired changes with Certainty.

Company of Positive and Energetic Persons:

Have a company of Career Oriented, Energetic people, Positive, Successful Persons.

Involve yourself in Productive Tasks:

Make a stable Daily routine and Keep yourself very busy in Productive Things. Go to Gym, Play Games and Sports, Learn any technical skills like Programming, Video Editing anything you like. There are so many options available to try and start with.

Volunteer Services:

Do some part-time work or contribute to society or any organisation or any person by your volunteer services.

This is very important. You can learn and develop new skills, it will give you Great Satisfaction. You will experience Real Happiness of life.

Trust me some selfless work is Real Pleasure of Life. It will give you huge Energy.

So you need to experience and feel what is Real Pleasure. What is the aim of life? What is important for us.


Become Honest and share everything with your parents and/or elders. This thing will restrict you to involve in unwanted activities.

Sacrifice Privacy:

We need privacy to involve in unwanted and undesirable activities. So it is very simple, sacrifice the privacy and see the magic in your life. This thing will restrict you with distraction.

Share and Celebrate every positive thing:

Share and Celebrate every Small and Positive achievement in your life. This will remove Imbalance in our life which is generated by focusing only and only on negative aspects and leaving positive aspects of life unattended.

Dream Big:

Aimless life is like Unguided Missile and can have the destructive power. So Dream Big and Beautiful. Your Bigger Dream will Consolidate all your Energy, Motivation, Concentration in one direction.


“One Beautiful Attraction can easily Defeat 100s of small Distractions.” This can be wishes and happiness of your parents, Money, Job, Name, Fame, or beautiful Love...... it can be anything. Make one Attraction Bigger, Dream it, Follow this, Put your all Energy to achieve it.

Break the Habits:

In actual, things are not so tough what we feel. Very simple logics work.

You just need to break your habit. And that’s it. After this everything is even easier.

You just need to introduce some external forces.

Keep away Guilt:

I am giving you a thumb rule. Do not involve in the Unproductive Activities which is followed by a sense of Guilt later on.

Write the answer of this Question yourself:

Suppose this is the question of your younger or your Sweet Friend. Suddenly you will find yourself a very mature person and it will generate Flow of Problem Solving Ideas. This is true. This is our hidden power. If you are able to utilise all your Present Skills and Strengths in the right direction you can change your life completely in no time and no extra efforts are needed.

Action Speaks Louder than Words:

Always keep in mind, no motivational speech can change your life. It is your Positive Action which changes your life. So Stop Thinking, Start Doing.

Smart and Steady Wins the Race:

Start with simple and make one rule, every time, either Improve in Positive Direction or at least Maintain the present Level. (keep trying to improve every time). You will never lose the race.

Have a very matured Friend:

A mature Friend can play a very important role in your life. Share everything with him or her. S/he will help you, guide you, motivate you every time.