How to remember the long answers?

How to remember long answers:

First, remember all the points of the answer

Arrange the points in a logical sequence so that you can remember all the points in the flow.

Keep recalling points of the time interval of 1-2 hours.

Associate points with anything you already know. So that you can recall them when you think about your association.

Make a story: if it is possible to make a story and visualise the whole answer. Or connect with a person.

Use your all possible senses:

Read aloud,

Make outline or

Flow Chart or

Mental Map of the answer,

make notes,

Underline or highlight important points.

It will definitely improve your retention and recall.

Use Mobile: If you find something very difficult to remember when you read aloud you can record Audio or Video. And comfortable you can use anywhere anytime. Even you can use in your washroom or in bus/ car or in bed.

Language Skills: Your language skills should be reasonably good. Your understanding of that chapter depends on your language skills also. So work on it.

Logical Skills: Our mind works on logic. We can learn or remember things very easily if the content is logical or we have very good logical skills. For example, you can remember this mobile number at one glance 9075604530.

But not all things are logical. Yes true, that is why we need logical and analytical skills, creativity and imagination. We can find hidden logic or we can make false logic to remembered things. It works 100%

How to read the first time:

Your memory depends on your interest in a particular subject, your level of concentration, your energy level, your motivation level, your study environment.

And you can improve all these using learning skills. In one or two months you can see the surprising improvements within you.

For interest development in a subject, you can take help of YouTube or other web study material.

When you start reading a chapter, first quickly go through the complete chapter and understand the flow of the chapter, what is the structure, what is the purpose of the chapter, what is the importance of the chapter.

This will make a foundation, outline in your mind. This is similar to the construction of a house.

Now you can build your understanding of that chapter.

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