How to stop mind chatter?

Actions Speak Louder than Words:

The simplest method keeps you very busy. I am sure it will solve your problem forever. 
2-3 weeks it will be with you even when you will try to be busy. But slowly it will vacant the Permanent House.

Lonely Planet:

Don't be alone. When this attack on your mind then be with somebody. Its Capital is Loneliness.


Make yourself Emotionally Strong and very Open Mind. Generally, 
Unfulfilled desires tends to creep into your.mind


One thumb rule for your life. Never do (or repeat) a work that is going to be followed by a guilt. And the guilt starts the chain of the notorious “chatterbox”

Train your Brain:

For 2-3 weeks persistently observe your mind. When you notice INCURSION of chatter into your Brain Room then immediately show him the door. One very Interesting thing. The brain chatter is shyer than a Girl. When somebody observes him, he runs away.

Change the Script:

Mind chatter, in actual of unwanted IDEAS. What if the answer to questions, Concepts, and other productive things flow in your mind. So you can make this habit Profitable.flow, is

Logical Thinking:

The past is never going to change. The future is uncertain and Unknown and not completely in your hand. And death is the biggest destroyer. When the limit of Death is applied everything Tends to ZERO. You are going to remember nothing after death. This is the biggest truth of life. The probability of death is 1.

Then what is the Purpose of life: Enjoy the every moment of Life.

But What is the Real Happiness: Selfless Love to everyone. Do the best you can do for the Humanity. Your selfless work will make you immortal.

Practise these ideas. This will solve all the BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS. This happened with me. I did this to him. She did this with me. Ego, Anger, Greed, the race of accumulation of more and more materialist things….. everything is useless.your

When you realise this Truth of life. You feel very Relax and light.

Can you enjoy your Favourite movie 50kg weight on your head? No.keeping

But we Live our Life in Extreme Pressure and Burden. Once understand this thing. The life becomes very simple and Uncomplicated. This way, You can enjoy every moment of life. This way, you can achieve beyond Imaginations and Limits.your

Dont say. But nothing wrong to try it once. Maybe it change your entire life. Maybe it change the way you look this entire world……i follow what