How to stop procrastinating?

[Break the Habit

  • Body Mind Coordination
  • Maintain a Diary
  • Hobby
  • Celebrate
  • Emotions management
  •  Avoid Daily Shops
  • Be like a Mother
  • Make a group of friends
  • Share your daily routine

Break the Habit once: This is very simple .....
If not it will persist. Next time when this happens, thinks once. Newton's law of inertia is applicable to our daily life, on human psychology also.
We make habits this way. To break it you have to take one step. Then second, third, fourth. ....and in few days everything will be fine.

Then make your daily routine. Do your work on time. Don't leave it for next time. In a month, to do work on time will become your habit.
And once you stop procrastinating you will have momentum, activeness, and confidence in your life. Your life will be changed. You will be full of energy.
Nothing will be impossible for you.
Achieve one goal in your life, then next and so on. Make it your habit. There are very simple solutions for hardest problems of our life. We have to take just a small step.

Stop this feeling of guilt and on next morning start with positivity, confidence that you can change, you will change, nothing is impossible for you, nothing is tough for you.

Body Mind Coordination:

Our body has an effect on our mind and so has our mind also. If our body is active then our mind and thought will also positive.

Rise early: 

If you are not an early riser then try this and feel the positive changes in your life.

Play Games or join Gym: Play any of favorite game like Squash, TT, Badminton, Tennis. You will feel fresh, energetic, active and happy. It will activate your mind also.


Make at least one or two hobbies and spend some time on it. Like gardening, cooking, writing, reading. It will give you mental satisfaction, confidence, and unlimited happiness.

Make a group of friends: 

We all have a different level of energy and motivation on different time or days. If one day if you are feeling less active your other friends can motivate you and some other day you can do for them. [Beware if you chose wrong friends you may have opposite results also.]

Share your daily routine: 

When i was in college it worked for me perfectly. One of very generous professor gave me ample time. Every Day, He asked me for my daily routine. I became honest and shared with him. After 3-4 days i was compelled to start work on time. We don't like other people know about our weaknesses, we want to hide, and if other come to know we feel very uncomfortable. So this attitude can be used for a positive purpose.

Maintain a Diary:

 On the left page of the diary write your important task for next day. Next day night, on the right side, write how many you have completed as you planned and how many you could not do. And what are the reasons? And how will you improve? And again make a plan for next day including today's undone tasks. Do this at least 14 -20 days. And see the surprising results. [source: Shiv Khera sir's Motivational Videos]

Be like a Mother:

 A mother (father also) can do anything for her children, even if she is not feeling well. This is the attitude of many. They are always ready to help others but don't care themselves. So dedicate all your work, dreams to your loved one. Do not do for yourself but do for your loved one.

Eating habits: 

Our thoughts, attitude, mental strength, energy, activeness positivity also affected by our eating habits. Observe your eating habits. And make changes then see the results. Check if Fast foods, Oily, Unhealthy, Unhygienic foods are making you less active and draining your interest and energy to do anything.

Emotions management: 

Try to avoid anger, depression, tension and other negative attitudes. These drain your energy heavily.

Avoid Daily Shops: 

On the name of Entertainment, we are getting only and only highly negative and unproductive daily shops. It badly affects our attitude and emotions. We waste our valuable time for nothing and have so many side effects free of cost.


Feel happy, Enjoy, Share and Celebrate even very small achievement or favorable and positive thing happens in your life. If we feel sad on our failure or something bad in our life then we should celebrate good thing also. But generally, we always give importance to negative things and ignore or take very lightly positive things in our life. That is why slowly-slowly we become inactive, less energetic in our life.