How to concentrate on study with job?

Job + Study = Challenging Life but Better Career and Future.

So this is a great opportunity for you. There is a lot to learn. It can make your life very disciplined. You can develop many skills and positive habits to lead a successful and self-satisfying life in future.

There are mainly three key points

  • Time Management
  • Energy Management
  • Emotion Management

Time Management:

  • You can learn time management.
  • You can develop a habit of making the best use of time.


  • Recall: When you do some non-productive work in the morning (brushing, bathing, ….. etc) you can develop a habit of recalling and revising very important points. This is Very Powerful Tool. And most of the users find it extremely useful.
  • Make the best use of holidays and vacations to accelerate your study. You can complete some very important topics during weekends and other off days.
  • If it is possible to spare some time in office (also keep in mind office rules and your responsibilities) you can revise or complete some easy stuff like GK.
  • Study in Early Morning: Develop a habit of studying in the early morning. In morning, our mind works best, Free from all the flow of ideas, emotions, feelings. So You can do a very qualitative study in one or two hours.
  • If possible you can utilise commute time between office to home and home to office (Ensure your safety on Road). You can listen Audio Notes if you are Self-driving.

Energy Management:

This is extremely important. You are doing almost double work than what we normal people do. You are living two lives.


  • Take interest in both Job and Study. If you don't enjoy any of these, don't worry You can. How ? Know more on a live discussion.
  • If you enjoy your work, you will not have a huge energy loss. And you can manage one or two hours after Job or early in the morning.
  • If you enjoy study then you would not take it as a burden.
  • Sleep Management: Take comfortable and powerful sleep. There are many ways you can feel fresh and energetic even taking 5 to 6 hours sleep.
  • Diet: We face many things- mood swing, thoughts, ideas, willingness and we NEVER know all these are Byproducts of our Eating Habits.There is a direct relationship among Food, Mood, Mind, Body, Energy, and Efficiency. So again this is highly important and never avoid this area. Take best possible diets you can- Juice, Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Vitamins, Milk, Salad and also Water. Avoid oily, sugary, Junk food, Fast Food.
  • Make sure there is no deficiency in our energy level.
  • BEWARE: Some Tasty Food can Drain most of your Energy, Concentration, and willingness.
  • What is Best diet? To make your Best Diet Plan you can contact me and see the surprising results in a week.
  • Yog Mudra: There are some yoga mudras and stretching, you need to spare just 1 or 2 minutes and you can relax your mind, you can feel fresh, you can feel energetic & emotionally balanced and release fatigues.
  • Self-Observation: Observe yourself. And find what makes you less energetic and what makes you positive, full of energy, happier.

Emotion Management:

Emotions live with us 24x7 till our last Breath. So again this is the key point. Emotion can affect your energy level, concentration, and willingness to work or study.


  • Try your best to be calm and normal.
  • Avoid extreme emotions: Anger, Hate, Jealousy, Unreasonable frequent mood Swings etc. drain huge energy and concentration. It makes almost impossible to concentrate on both Job and Study.
  • You can change your attitude, you can manage and control your emotions and feelings. To know more you can contact me anytime.
  • Do not involve yourself in any petty office politics and other disputes. It will drive away your attention and focus.
  • Make a healthy relationship with your colleagues, seniors, family members, and friends. Any dispute or contradiction can hamper your study. Know more how to make a balance among different professional and personal relationships and feel happier and positive.


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