How to develop habit of Active Reading

In one word- Passive Reading is mugging up and "Active Reading" is concept learning.

Don't associate presentation and concepts learning. Even i know the concepts but may not deliver the presentation effectively. To deliver a presentation you have to do practice, you have to be confident, you have to be well prepared, you have to rehearse the presentation very well, all contents, speech audio, video, slides should be well prepared logically organised, you have to be prepared for Q n A, Yes concepts and knowledge should be very sound. So concept learning is also one of the contributing part but not the only part.

Try to assimilate and feel what you read.

There are four Levels of Learning:

  • Read
  • Practice & Understand
  • Feel and Application
  • Production

I try to explain with real life example:

  • If your mother says something and you listen. This is the first stage. Like reading.
  • Your mother, again and again, says you the same thing in a different way, she tries to convince you. And you start understanding, start accepting this, you start following this. But not convinced fully. Just follow under pressure. This is the Second Stage.
  • Next, you start feeling why your mother says so. Because she cares you, she loves you, she is worried about your future, your career, your safety. In this stage, you are fully convinced with your mother. You FEEL grateful, true love, and care for you, mother. Now you understand the reason and follow everything without pressure happily. Now you enjoy what you do. Now you love what you do.
  • And later the day comes in your life and you also try to convince your son/daughter as your mother/father did. This is Production.

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At last in very short what can be Active Reading:

Make your mind curious, turn it into questioning mind. Ask a lot of questions yourself. And this is called Active Reading.

Why are you reading

What are you reading

what is the topic

Where and when it occurred.

What are reasons

What are consequences

What is important

What are suggestions ........ and so on.

And last Passive Reading (mugging up) is not completely a bad thing. It can be used somewhere as a tool.