How to Focus on One Goal at a Time?

Time management:

With efficiently managing your time you will be able to do most of the things you wish to do. You should have a plan for your every single minute if you have 60 seconds free how can you make productive use of this.

Daily Routine: 

Make your daily routine and try to follow this. You should have a clear idea what are you doing and why are you doing. For example, if you think you can learn on Quora something, so once decide what you want to learn from Quora. Is it really important for you? Is it best option to learn that thing with the time efficiency.

BEWARE: Our mind is very smart. If it is controlling you it may give you sometime false reasons to do something. And i observed this is very common. Most of the people are overpowered by their mind this way. Like: there were some guests at home so today i could not study, my mother was not feeling well, i have a lot of work today, oh yes this is my favourite hero ‘Salman Khan’s movie i have to watch this i cant miss it….. there are thousands other “VALID” reasons for avoiding very important work doing on time and delaying for later … specially study

Improve Efficiency:

Spend some time of your day to improve your learning skills, your reading skills, your language skills, your analytical and thinking skills, your concentration, your memory, your activeness……. so that you can learn more things in less time.


Start Simple:

First, make a start. Have a very simple start. Work on it. Achieve your goal. It will improve your confidence, it will increase positive energy within you. Next, you will be able to manage two things, then three, four,……..


Set your priorities. What is most important for you. What are the tasks you cannot leave now, What are the things that can be postponed up to next month or next year? We have 24 hours in a day. This is fact. We can't do everything in life what we want. We have to leave something. We have to compromise.

Emotion and thought management: 

Emotions play a very important role in our success and achievement. Our emotions always live with us and will be always with us. So we have to learn how to manage our emotions effectively and turn our emotions into a powerhouse so that we can achieve everything we want in our life.