How to motivate to become smarter


“Once forget all that is happening with you and think WHAT CAN YOU DO”

I heard about one person. He has done BA in English Literature. But now he gives training of 3D Max and some other designing courses in various MNCs and top Engineering colleges. He has given training in Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Yamaha and many others. He draws minimum Rs. 6000 per day for his training including all other facilities. He has no degree or diploma and no formal education in his area of expertise. He learned all these from Youtube Videos, books, PDFs. and many other online resources. I call him Rancho who has no degree and even his real name. This is possible in real life.

If you want you can change your life anytime. It takes just one year full of honestly dedicated hard work. After some years degree, marks, rank, percentage and other achievements have no value, i think. The only thing matters your practical knowledge, your dedication, your hard work, your innovative ideas.

Once come out from the race and forget all the numbers (Age, Marks, Salary, Rank). Because this race is endless. It is possible you can win some races in your life but it will not be the ultimate race, it is not sure you will be satisfied.

Once start enjoying what you are and what you do. Once you learn and understand the secret of life. Nothing can stop you to enjoy every moment of life.

Everyone has a specific quality. He can do some work best in the world and no other person can do like him.