How to overcome Fear of Public Speaking?

There is only and only one way that is Face the Fear.

Let it happened with you. When the first time you speak in public you will have great fear and will be able to speak with very difficulty. When the second time you will speak you will have less fear and hesitation. It may happen again in 3rd and 4th time after that i am sure you will feel relax and you will be able to speak very comfortably. After 8th or 10th times, believe me, you will start enjoying this. Nothing will happen to you. You will feel very comfortable and confident. You will feel it is normal, and not a big deal for you. You will feel you are doing this for many years. You will feel it was not that tough task and your fear was baseless. There is no point to feel that.

Here is a link of must-read article “27 Useful Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking | Brian Tracy

If you want to give a short or long speech in public. Then you can do better even in first time and you can decrease your fear and uneasiness by following above very effective and practical tips.