How to sleep less than 6 hours a day?

To control sleep is very very easy.
It works for me and I made it possible to
work for others also. ...And it will work for you
also in the same way.

First what makes us very sleepy that we cannot
control. Mainly two things
1. Our eating habits. Yes consuming oily foods, junk food,
fast foods, and other eatables with zero nutritional value
like cold drink chips chocolate ice cream.......

In this way, we take more calories than what we need.
To digest all these food we need more energy (yes
food give energy and also consume energy. )
Digestion process requires oxygen. And our mind

also needs the proper supply of oxygen. (Oxygen in blood
circulation and not environmental oxygen)
So when we consume a lot of calories oxygen supply to mind become weak
and we start feeling sleepy.

2. If we think a lot, we are in depression, tension, pressure or we are worrying about something our mind and body both become very fatigue
And we feel sleepy.

So what is the killer idea: You should not only avoid all these things but also reduce your diet (if you have the habit of overeating).

Take more nutritional and protein diet. Milk soybean, cereals, dry fruits, vegetable fruits.

Some Foods to boost memory and concentration (Vegetarian)





Green Tea



Source above:10 Foods That Boost Concentration




Green, Leafy Vegetables

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coconut Oil




Source above: 15 Brain Foods To Boost Focus and Memory - Dr Axe