How to become Topper?

Discipline, Positive Attitude, Consistency, Seriousness, Willpower, Self-motivation, problem-solving attitude can turn any average or even below average into TOPPER.

Be serious.

See Dreams and set goals in your life.

Make your career and future plan.

Start doing hard work to make your dreams true.

Don't stop, don't accept failure until you achieve your goals.

Improve your Learning skills:


Improve Memory: Read here my post "How to Learn Faster"

Improve Concentration: Read here my post "How to Learn Faster"

Make your daily routine. Read here "How should I train my mind to study for 15 hours a day?"

Play game, allocate time to your hobbies also.

Enjoy and Love your life.

Be Positive and have a company of positive, curious, energetic people.

Set a very small goal for every day. And after completing give yourself Creative Rewards.

Be a nice Human Being.

Have very open mind and heart. Keep busy yourself. And don't waste time thinking useless.

Improve Logical, analytical and critical Thinking.

Develop common sense and Presence of mind.

Be creative.

Improve EQ, IQ and SQ

Use your time and Energy very Wisely.

Spend time only on productive things.

Be active, Be smart.

Keep your health maintained.

Reconsider your eating habits. Eat only healthy, hygienic, balanced, and energetic food. Read here: What is best diet chart for a student preparing for entrance exams?

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Protein in your daily diets.

Motivation is Food of Mind and we need it Daily.

Always put your Best Efforts, Never leave any stone unturned.


"A better career, a better future, a better life is waiting for you."