How to study smarter and retain more information

Follow these very simple but effective steps to retain more at the first reading.


Your retention of information depends on the level of concentration. If you are not concentrating what you are reading then you will not be able to retain it. Read more at this link What should I do for better concentration?

State of mind:

When you study your state of mind should be normal. If your mind is disturbed while reading and you are in a depression, tension, fear or any other negative feeling then you will not be able to retain more.


You should have an interest in what you read and you should enjoy the subject as well as reading.

Language skills:

Your understanding depends on your language skills. There should be no barrier regarding language, you should be comfortably able to understand what you read, so your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and usage should be very sound.

Train your mind:

First, train your mind for one or two weeks. At a start, if you are learning a new subject, go very slow. Read one paragraph or one page then close your book and try to understand, try to feel or try to relate what you have read. Then move to next paragraph or page. Again close book now tries to understand this paragraph as well as related with first paragraph or page. And repeat this process. Once you make a connection with that subject your speed and understanding will naturally be improved and it will keep improving. Your confidence will be improved. And After two week you may find that you are able to retain most of the things with the first reading. And if you do this for 3–4 subjects the time limit of two weeks will also be reduced to one week or even lesser. Now, this is the time you can learn any subject very fast, you can make any subject interesting for you.

The language of Mind:

Every person has his own mental language system to store the information in his mind. What you read to make it very simple then store this information in your mind. Now you will be able to write script of “Mental Visual Movie”

Visualisation and Story building:

If you train your mind as i have explained above now you will be able to visualise what you read and you can build a story or “Mental Visual Movie”. If you can do this you will be able to retain and recall most of the information you read.

What to retain:

When you read you should be able to identify what information is useful and should be retained.

The flow of paragraph:

When you read you should be able to read the mind of the writer. Where he is starting new point, Where he started explaining the previous point, where he gives extra information, where he is expanding knowledge, where he is switching one point to another point, where he is relating one point to another, where he is using connector to join one point to another point, and so on….

Write Summary:

When you finish reading of any subject before moving to other subject or activity write a short summary of what you have read.


Give different awards while reading like: What is most interesting, what is most important, what is new, what is repeated, what is very common, what is very rare, what is connected to real life, and so on ……make your categories like these.

Memory Enhancement Tricks: If you want to retain information forLong-Termm please learn some very useful Memory Enhancement Tricks

[1] Spaced repetition: you can store information for Long Term

If you forget after 3 days it is very natural. And this is applicable for all. To transfer our knowledge from SHORT TERM MEMORY to LONG TERM MEMORY, you have to REVISE it very scientifically that is called Spaced Repetition


Keep recalling within few hours when you learn any new topic.

There should be first Revision in 24 hours of what you have learnt

Then next Revision in 7 days

[Then next Revision in 15 days if you find something very tough or complex]

Then next Revision in 30 days

Then next Revision in 2 or 3 months

And if it is needed have one Revision in 6 months.

This is called Spaced Repetition because you increase space between two Revisions.

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