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Time Management

Some very smart, easy, effective and practical Time Management Tips:

You need to manage both Time and Energy. Here i am giving some tips that can help you in both to save time and energy.

[1] Study Early Morning: If it is possible to study for 1 or 2 hours in the morning. Keep books and notes near your bed. As you wake up start studying do nothing, think nothing. After waking up early, our mind works best up to 2-3 hours. All connections with outer world are disconnected and flow of thoughts are almost nil. So if you can utilise this time then one hour study at this time is equal to 3 hours study of rest of the day time.

[2] Mental Recall while doing non-productive work: We can utilise the time when we do non-productive work like when we are in the washroom or taking lunch/ breakfast or travelling in bus etc. We can utilise this time to make a recall. This is very important and powerful. And you can manage deficiency of time this way.

[3] Plans for spare time: When you have some spare time like if you are waiting for a bus. You should have plans how you can utilise this time. You should have plans for 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes or 1 minutes etc. You can have digital notes to make the revision on your cell phone or you can do a mental recall and this option is always open anytime everywhere.

[4] Do less important work in afternoon or evening time: In the evening we generally have a very low energy level and concentration level. We can utilise this time to do less important work like newspaper reading or other chores.

[5] Do not waste time unnecessarily: When we are very busy and want to study along with a job then we should not waste our time on the social network etc at any cost.

[6] Improve Efficiency: Improve your efficiency in work so that you can do same work in less time and save some time.

[7] Improve Concentration and Memory: It will improve your efficiency at study as well as at work.

[8] Save yourself with negative energy and thoughts: Make distance with such persons or situations. Do not watch the negative news, do not watch such movies or daily shops. Do not read the negative news. Do not listen to negative views. These just drain out our energy. We feel less active and this may result into PROCRASTINATION.

Try not to read newspaper in the morning: This is my personal experience you may feel different. I do not read newspaper in the morning and not watch the news. Generally, a newspaper is full of news of crime, corruption and other negative news. And it drains energy and reduces activeness in the body. It activates flow of thoughts in our mind.

[9] Emotion and Thought management: This is very important. Our life has become very busy and we have to involve in multitasking. So to manage our mental and physical energy we have to learn these things.

[10] Spare time during office hours: Spare some time in office for the study if it is possible and in your limits.

[11] Do some Exercises and Yoga: Dhyan Mudra, Deep breath are very handy and can be done anytime everywhere and it take just one or two minutes. These are very effective and enhance positive energy and concentration. Doing this you can recharge yourself time to time and can save yourself feeling zero energy after 10 hours of job and travelling.

In the morning if it is possible you can do some other exercises, stretching, yoga. It will improve your physical stamina, efficiency and activness. Some modified versions of these things can be performed in office also. It is better idea to spend less time in one go and do this many times a day rather than spending the whole time in the morning.