What must be mindset to crack CAT/CSAT

Ready to hard work

Ready to accept challenges

Ready to work in pressures

Fearless: If you can be intimidated by books, study material, questions, and exam then how you will face people and political pressure.

Dream it.

Live it.

Be passionate about it.

You are born to do this only.

Talk about it.

Read about it.

Praise for it.

Love it.

Dedicate it to the thing most matter in your life.

Enjoy it.

Challenge yourself.

Feel the power, respect, and importance of it.

Take dreams with open eyes what big you can achieve after IAS. Read success stories about IAS toppers and achievers. Read about the life of an IAS officer. Doing this you can motivate yourself. Feel the energy and vibration of it in your body.

Feel the great FUN (KICK) you can achieve by preparing, facing IAS exam and becoming an IAS.

Accept importance of these in your life, in your future, in your family, in thousands of people, in your country.

You will find yourself a different person. You will find that whole world has changed for you. You will feel nothing is impossible for you, no one can stop you. You will feel you are one of the persons who can change the world positively in the right direction.

How to improve Learning skills

1. "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." - Abraham Lincoln.

So you have to increase your efficiency to Remember, Retain and better Recall all those content and study material. So spend some of your time (daily) to improve your cognitive skills i.e. Memory improvement, learning skills, Pimsleur graduated-interval recall (Pimsleur® Official Site - Pimsleur.com‎) or Spaced Repetition.

Recalling is a very powerful technique. You can memorise and recall anything and whenever or wherever you want.

2. There are always some logic behind any data, facts or piece of information.

The thing is that we have to do an active reading. What does it mean....

What we are reading, why we are reading, why this happened, what was the main reason, what were the consequences of this, how this happened, where this happened, when this happened and so on....Thus there are so many dimensions of a single fact. The more dimensions you will analyse, the information will last long in your memory.

In history, constitutions, political science, science general facts can be retained very easily with a mental map and as a visual story(i.e. why Akbar attacked, why this law become part of the constitution, even English words also have their story). Whenever you will need all these facts and information you will be able to recall as a visual movie.

And to remember Dates, Places, Names, Technical Terms or Data we have to do some serious efforts like quick revisions, recall, mnemonics etc.

Give equal importance on recall what you have learned in last one hour (do quick recall). Then make one recall on next day after 24 hours. Then one recall for last one whole week and so on ( if you are not already following)

3. Learn to be a teacher not merely being a learner. It is my personal experience and i observed it many times that when a student tries to explain something to others he uses hidden powers, unexplored knowledge, common sense and pay all his attention. So being a teacher, he always performs better than being a student only.

In short, make a small group of your friends, discuss with them, try to explain them. You will be able to better understand, recall and retain.

You may find many teachers teach IAS subject and also prepare for IAS exam simultaneously. It works.

4. Develop the habit of positive attitude and mindset. Motivate yourself, connect yourself with CREATIVE aims of life or something very big and most important.

If you seriously want something, then you definitely can do, nothing can stop you. If other can do, then why you cannot.

Calm down, relax, put aside all stuff that intimidates you. You should make your own way. First, make-believe yourself that you can do this and you have to do this, this is the only way you can survive.

How to Start

5. Warm Up Reading (Interest Development): First 15-20 read the subjects or chapters you find very easy and interesting. At Start read for Fun. Find out interesting facts and information, play with them, enjoy and share with your friends, relatives or Facebook/ Quora etc. Thus you can do friendship with all your subjects. It will boost your confidence enough and use this positive energy as a fuel you can move one more step ahead. Taking one step at a time, you can achieve your goal.....

"slow but steady wins the race"

How to Overcome Fear

6. Eradicate all negative and intimidating thoughts from your mind. Light and darkness both cannot coexist. With fear, how will you be able to win the most important race of your life? And this is the only difference between winner and loser otherwise all persons are equal in efficiency, capacity and qualities.

How to Motivate and Feel very active and energetic

7. Motivation and positive thoughts are like food for the brain and like foodEveryone need it daily.

8Reconsider your eating habits: It affects memory, activeness of body and mind, sleeping patterns, recalling and analytical power, easiness and comforts of our body, thought patterns. So avoid oily, junk food, fast food and any other Foods With Almost Zero Nutritional Value.....

(25 Popular Foods With Almost Zero Nutritional Value..)

5 Foods That Affect Your Memory | Prevention)

(Scientists learn how what you eat affects your brain — and ...).

How to be creative

9. “Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Be creative in your learning. Give creative rewards yourself if you are able to complete any topic, any important point. If you are able to understand or recall any fact.

(I just tried to give findings of my observation. However, i am not an expert of it. )